MSI Marketing and Sales Process - 360° View

Develop Market Segment / Product Matrix to Prioritize

  • Manufacturers Product Sweet Spots.

  • Market Segments per Product Group.

  • Focus Target Customers per Segment and Product.

  • Emerging Customers per Segment and Product.

Develop Initial Marketing and Sales Strategy to Include

  • Strategic and Tactical Objectives and Events.

  • Short Term Growth Plans.

  • Long Term Planned Growth.

Growth Drivers – Opportunity Qualification

  • Target Strategic Customers and Market Segments for qualification of products, price objectives and support needs.

  • Identify, Validate and Target Major Opportunities.

Major Opportunity Review

  • Keeps opportunity moving forward to the win (driven by action item list).

  • Projects future potential business and percentage chance of win.

  • Drives the needs to succeed.

Time Management Schedule

  • Ensures maximum focus and face time to conclude objectives.

  • Ensures that prioritized opportunities and action items are scheduled for results.

Manufacturing Location

  • Interface, monitor, and train for proper handling and processing of manufacturers product.

Manufacturers Review (H-Report) Benchmarks / Updates.

  • Forecast

  • Potential Upsides

  • Overall Growth Performance